CLUE Report when buying a Houston Home

CLUE Reports can be an essential component to providing additional information about a property before purchase. These reports can enhance the existing property disclosure, promote confidence, and provide a differentiated experience during the home purchase. C.L.U.E. stands for "Comprehensive Loss Underwriting Exchange". The report provides a history of property insurance claims for homes and rentals. This information includes claims that were paid or denied, and also files opened for potential claims on the property. The reports are meant to be an accurate reflection of insurance loss history.

CLUE Reports are similar to a CarFax but for a home or condo. All claims submitted to major insurance carriers in the last 5-7 years on a specific property are reported and compiled into a CLUE Report. These reports can reflect if a property has a clean bill of health or provide context around repairs that have been performed.

It is important to speak with your Insurance Agent for them to provide you with a FREE CLUE Report. Most insurance companies participate in the Comprehensive Loss Underwriting Exchange (CLUE) and obtain a CLUE report to evaluate the claims history of the property and the applicant.

(1) Most insurance companies contribute information about claims to an insurance industry database known as CLUE (a registered trademark of Equifax, Inc.). An insurance company obtains a CLUE report when evaluating an application for insurance.
(2) A CLUE report contains information about the claims history of the property and of the applicant for insurance.
(a) The CLUE report contains only data and does not inform the buyer or seller whether insurance is or is not available or at what cost.
(b) Insurance companies use the CLUE report in different ways.
(c) It is best to speak with an insurance agent with respect to how the information in a particular CLUE
report affects the affordability and availability of insurance.
(3) While CLUE reports are generally accurate, there may be errors in the reports.

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