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Does painting your Houston home increase its value?

Posted by Edinson Properties on Wednesday, May 18th, 2016 at 5:21pm.

Is Your Houston Home Really Worth It?

If you want to get Top Dollar for your Houston home, it has to be in top showing condition and appeal to a broad audience.  In essence, it has to be in model-home shape to be able to stand out from the crowd.  It is important to note that a Home Buyer's first impression can make or change their minds to make an offer on your Houston home.  Look at your home through a prospective Home Buyers’ eyes as they walk through your home by using this simple checklist:

STEP #1: The Proper Curb Appeal. A well-maintained home exterior tells a buyer that the inside of the home is also well maintained. 

  • Take time to trim overgrown shrubbery and landscaping. (Have the exterior photo-ready at all times!)
  • Walk the home exterior and look out for peeling or discolored paint. Repaint, if necessary, but you may only need some touching up.
  • Paint your mailbox and front door (and make sure the doorbell works). Pinterest is a great source of inspiration but don't go over the top with crazy colors!
  • Wash or clean wood or siding (aluminum, cement board and vinyl) to remove mildew or dirt. Hire a contractor to pressure wash, if you need to. We can recommend one.
  • Organize your garage! Although it isn't a space that gets shown, clean and organize what’s inside.
  • Mow the lawn and clean up the backyard. Add color to your flower beds with seasonal colors. 
  • HOW MUCH is my home worth in today's Houston market?

STEP #2: De-Clutter And Update The Home Interior. People buy what they see, hear and smell. Appeal to their eyes, ears and noses. 

  • Clean the home interior from top to bottom, including the windows, window sils, baseboards, crown molding, etc. If you don't want to do it, hire a cleaning company.
  • Check to see if you have Wood Gold under your carpet! Sometimes carpets are covered pristine wood flooring!
  • Shampoo the carpets to remove stains and pet odors. Use a pet enzyme treatment if you have pets.
  • If you have wood or tile floors, do everything you can to make get them to shine. Shiny floors appeal to Home Buyers!
  • Remove odors, particularly around pet areas. Remove pets during showings.
  • Remove half of your furniture out of the house and place it in storage.  You want to make your rooms look bigger without clunky furniture.
  • Clear off the kitchen counters and remove those refrigerator magnets.
  • Clean the cook top, vacuum the cabinets to remove debris and scrub the oven (yes, they will look there).
  • Clean and deodorize all bathrooms. If rusted, replace the shower curtain and buy new curtain and towels. If you can afford it, update to new lighting and flooring.
  • Do an overall maintenance review on your home to find any deferred maintenance items. Repair broken items. Oil squeaky doors and put some WD40 in key holes.
  • Neutral home colors sell faster. Paint the walls a neutral color. Remove wallpaper as needed before painting.
  • Clean lighting fixtures and replace missing or dim light bulbs. If they look “dated,” replace them with something more modern.
  • Organize and de-clutter bedrooms and closets. Remove excess clothing, shoes etc. so if looks like you have more closet space than you need. Donate clothes as needed.
  • Organize storage areas and make the laundry room sparkle. Clean the dryer vent!
  • If one of the bedrooms is a children’s playroom, buy some storage bins and put the toys away.
  • What would my home's likely price be if I did these things?

STEP #3: “Stage” Your Home. Do it yourself or we can recommend a staging professional to maximize your home’s selling potential.

  • Arrange furniture in every room and bedroom to maximize space. Establish a focal point for each room and create clear pathways for buyers to walk through your home.
  • If you are on a tight budget, replace an old couch or table with something inexpensive but newer. 
  • Remove all personal items such as family photos. You want your buyers to see a clean slate, and let them imagine where they would put THEIR things.
  • Remove unusual artwork, religious paintings and shrines or statues. You want buyers to envision themselves making this THEIR home.
  • If possible, replace window coverings and buy new linens for the bedrooms.
  • Get new pillows or new pillow cases for the sofa. 
  • Set your dining room table as if you were having guests for dinner.
  • Create a mood by opening the drapes and turning on the lights. 
  • If you have a pool, turn on any fountain features.
  • The best scents throughout the house is Lavender or Vanilla (unless of course you cooked fresh cookies).

About Edinson Properties:

The Edinson Properties Team at Keller Williams Realty is a dynamic and bilingual Real Estate Team specializing in the Houston Inner Loop and Luxury Real Estate Markets. With years of experience helping local buyers and sellers just like yourself, we know how to locate the properties that match your criteria and negotiate the best deals. We research and understand the latest market conditions as well as the recent real estate contract changes — so that you don't have to.


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